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We are Common Sense

“Don't find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.”  Henry Ford

“Everything in the economics of small communities is related. Every decision you take affects me, even if you don't even appreciate it. In short, your commerce is actually my commerce.”  David McWilliams

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  Anna Lappé 
We are Hope for the Future

Retail / Public Markets - some facts -

Retail markets in Europe are currently generating €35 Billion annually.
Irish retail markets may be generating €600 Million annually.
Based on our population, a pro-rata figure should be around €800 Million.
Retail markets in the UK generate £7.6 Billion annually, which is twice the EU average.

If we pro-rate Ireland with UK figures, a revitalised Irish market culture has the potential to generate between €800 million & €1 Billion annually.
It is clear that Ireland is out of step with its European neighbours when it comes to the allocation of suitable public space for retail markets.

Furthermore Ireland lags far behind the rest of Europe in terms of local authority support for planned urban municipal market areas. There is no national policy. We need to rethink how we as a society can create jobs and generate income.

Many experts are advocating a return to localized centres of commerce.
The key is local; the role & responsibility of local government in this regard is paramount.

Well-founded research from both Europe & the US, indicates that well run public markets boost adjacent retail business by 30%.
That same research also highlights how the human interaction that occurs daily in a market, benefits the mental & emotional well-being of communities in a way that a supermarket ‘shopping experience’ cannot.

Supporting local artisan food producers & crafters
keeps cash within communities
& lays the foundation for future job creation.

"love your local market"
- celebrating local market culture in Ireland -
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